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About Us

The purpose of The Mothers' Club is to create a community of young families to provide support, social activities, and education.


The club enables its members to share experiences, contribute to the community, and further enrich their families lives.


Every member is encouraged to volunteer, participate, and share her talents and ideas.


The club is not intended to be political, partisan, or sectarian. However, as part of the larger community, the Club may provide a forum to openly and fairly discuss current issues and concerns of parents and children.

You can read our bylaws....UNDER CONSTRUCTION. 




The Mothers' Club of Upper Merion was established in December 1988 by Doreen O’Donnell, a native of King of Prussia. Tragically, Doreen was killed in a car accident in 1996 in Berlin Township, New Jersey, but her legacy lives on through her efforts in establishing such a successful and worthwhile organization.


Doreen was one of ten children and grew up on Keebler Road in King of Prussia. She attended Upper Merion schools and then a local college. After college, she married Shawn O’Donnell and they had three beautiful daughters together.


It was in Ocean City, NJ, where she and her young family spent much of their summers, that she discovered and joined a Mothers' Club, just during the summer months. She enjoyed it so much that she wanted to continue this type of activity during the rest of the year.


Doreen decided that she would try to generate enough interest in forming a Mothers' Club in Upper Merion township. In the fall of 1988, Doreen consulted Joan McNamara, the children’s librarian, about starting the club. Joan thought it was a great idea, so Doreen began her crusade to establish the Mothers' Club. She spoke about her ideas to other moms at the library storytime, and placed ads in the local newspapers and Nursing Mother’s Club newsletter.


Doreen’s primary objective in starting the club was to make new friends for herself and her children. She was a stay-at-home mom and there weren’t many stay-at-home moms in her neighborhood. She also wanted to have monthly meetings and organize playgroups and family parties.


The club was officially founded in December 1988 with 25 members. They held meetings at the Upper Merion Cultural Center and adopted the bylaws of the Ocean City Mothers' Club. They also started a monthly newsletter. Appropriately, Doreen O’Donnell served as the club’s first president. The Upper Merion Mothers' Club has not changed significantly since its founding. The club continues to involve itself in the community, including participation at charity events, and provide a place for mothers to socialize, exchange information and receive support in time of need.


Thanks to Doreen, the Upper Merion Mothers' Club is an extraordinary example of what can be accomplished with a clear goal, a strong determination, and a little help from your friends.





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