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Moms' Club Board Members

Kristin Powell


Kristin is mom to two sons, Parker and Paxton.  She is an Engineering Manager at a local manufacturing company as well as a part time travel agent.  Kristin grew up in Upper Merion and is happy to be raising her family in the same community that raised her.  In her very limited free time, she loves spending time with her family playing board games or going for walks, as well as traveling and enjoying new experiences.


Heather O'Connor


Heather is mom to daughter Zoe and son Ezra.  She's also a third-grade teacher in a local school district.  When she's not working either of those two jobs, she can be found chasing after her Corgi, Mabel, at the local parks; playing nerdy board and strategy games; and traveling, especially to destinations with "Disney" somewhere in the name. 


Kyra McGrath

New Member Coordinator

Kyra is the mom of two sons, Fletcher & Trevor.  She is a teacher-turned-corporate trainer, onboarding new hires, and ensuring they're trained for their new roles in Customer Service and Sales.  She loves to bake, occasionally trying recipes from the Great British Baking Show.  She even dabbles in the occasional DIYs.


Ann Swayngim

Events Coordinator

Ann is the mother of twins Ben and Jake. She is currently a SAHM and was formerly a geriatric social worker. 

She currently enjoys picking between her golden girls and muppet masks before running through the grocery store. She previously enjoyed being closer than 6 feet from others including travel and sports.


Dina Otero


Dina is mom to son Jackson.  She's, also, a VP of marketing for a technology company.  During her downtime, Dina likes to garden, spend time outside and vedge out on the couch. 


Cristina Nassif Kotmair

Family Support Coordinator

Cristina is a mom to sons Sydney and Desmond and daughter Evangelina. When she isn’t performing as a classical singer — she and her husband met while singing in a production of the opera Carmen — she is busy trying to make life wonderful for her family. Some days this means really missing the stage; other days, it means fitting in a nap to make her more pleasant to be around; still others, it means wondering if she’s doing anything right. Cristina is passionate about connecting with others, be it through music, laughter, or tears and she is always up for heart to hearts with other moms on this journey of life — with or without kids!

Marcie Monachello

Website & Database Coordinator

Marcie is the mom of Luke and John. She and her family moved to Bridgeport 3 years ago. She works as a school social worker for a local district. She also volunteers as a coach for her kids' activities.


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